Sunday, May 23, 2010

Belated 6th month ♥

Hello readers .
I'm out from hell .
Its like finally !!!!
Okays let me post this to a very special person in my life .
Happy 6th month baby ( Thida Seah Lai Ying ) .
I know its unbelieveable for us to last this long .
BUT ! That what i expected .
Smile together ! Twist *
Baby ...
Thank for waitting for me to come out . ( most of the girl run away , when the guys is inside )
Thank for giving in to me somehow .
Thank for sayang-ing me when i'm about to sleep some nights .
Thank for being there for me when i'm upset .
Thank for giving me a very nice card for our half-year anni .
Thank for putting effort into this relationship . ( i won't let you down )
Thank for staying by my side . ( even we have nothing to do , i'm not bored with you )
Thank for visiting me , when i miss you damn lots .
Thank for giving kiss and hug the moment we meet everytime .
Thank for your goodnight message everynight . Its very sweet . ( don't jealous . for readers ) :x
Thank for EVERYTHING !
Baby days by days have gone , our relationship still hard and steady .
Never fade at all eh ? But instead , Its increasing rapidly .
I treasure you seriously . even though we quarrel .
I still don't mind . Quarreling is part of the relationship .
I want to protect , trust , love & everything else . Not just for 6 month only ley .
I ♥ You alot alot alot .
We must last long alrights ! proof to others that ( Tiong xim couple exist )
Jenson Ser Wee Liang
♥ Thida Seah Lai Ying Forever and ever .

♥ Seventeenth 我爱你啊 !

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hi , i'm jenson's someone and i'm here to post for him .

Hey baby , 3 weeks time . I'm going to wait okay .
20May , i will try to go for your case ok .
Together with yours and my friends .
I'm going to slp nao , wht about you ?
You might have a hard time there , but hang on . Time will pass . quickly .
I love you .
I wonder will you remember this speech i've said to you .
" When you feel lonely , look at the spaces between your fingers and remember my fingers wil be locked with yours , forever . " (L)
Lastly , a goodnight msg for you . (L)

( Save it at draft ! )

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello Readers .
Here to update my blog .
Baby told me to update , because this blog is half-dead .
Cut Short for this post .
Went to Pulau Ubin with BABY and cliques , ENJOYING HOR !
Cycle here and there .
But end up me & baby become tired .
Me & Baby were all along cycling behind everyone .
SLOWPOKE SIA ! Ohmythida .. i'm saying myself .
Alright , i'm quite tired ley .
End my Posting Period NOW !


爱 Seventeenth 一辈子

Hi , i'm hacker :D
This baby didn't post for quite awhile .
He can fuck off and die :D
Imma just joking :D
I heard tht he pass his chinese with wonderful full marks * claps *
Hasn't he been a good boy ? I doubt so lor !
Because he keep meeting his girlf nao , so jealous !
Laughs .
This . is . so . lame . la . fuck .
I'm just helping his blog to become lively again , so continue tagging ppl !
I tell you ppl a secret k . Shhh ...
I love this blog owner and i'm having a crush on him 0:
K , this is lame .
Sorry if i wasted your time !

♥ Jenson !

Monday, April 19, 2010

Boring days

Baby have been sick for two days .
Kinda worried .
Get well soon .
i love you tons and tons .

爱 Seventeenth

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy 5th months

Hello reader .
Here to blog again .
Yesterday was mine 5th month with baby .
But due to the heavy rain yesterday , Our plan of 5th month is gone to a waste .
So we just went to sakae sushi to have our dinner .
OhmyTHIDA , guess what . We eat till our stomach going explode .
Hor ? baby .
Anyway , we didn't spend our 5th month celebration smoothly .
BUT i enjoy days with her alot .
NO CELBRATION , but still have her by my side .
ThidaSeahLaiYing . 我爱你一辈子 。
Aiya , brain now not functioning , i continue tomorrow alright ?
Baby ah . happy 5th month , not ending yet hor . still counting on .
爱 Seventeenth . April . TwoThousandTen .

17th November 2oo9 till now 17th April 2o1o .
We are still together . hope we are going to last all the way .
爱 ThidaSeahLaiYing ttmc

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Love My Girlfriend !

Hi readers .
lets cut short .
Recently i have been meeting baby and study at void deck .
Getting more interested in study ah .
Can't believe it right ?
Ohmythida ! i Love my GIRLFRIEND .
She have been accompanying me this few days .
She can make me study without stress .
Only she capable on doing it .
Laughs .
Baby our 5th month is coming soon .
JENSONswl is currently making plans for our 5th month .
Hope me enjoy it alright !
Hmm .. i will post more tomorrow .
Now quite sleepy . Braining functioning slow .
Very lag ah
Night all .

17th November 2oo9 till now . still counting on .